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Our mission

Our mission is to provide churches with an enhanced tool to keep their congregation connected and engaged while keeping true to the word.

Our Story

Notes from Church is a faith based software company aimed at enriching church members’ lives through meaningful communication. The inspiration behind Notes From Church began in the fall of 2018 when the owner attended a young parents group at his church in Dallas. He felt the need to continue the deep and insightful conversation about God's purpose for parents but could not wait for the next meeting. He explored the social networks and email as a way to stay connected but found it too distracting, excessive and impersonal. That is why he set out to build a platform that could foster discussion just for his group without the fluff.

Today, Notes From Church includes tools to help every church member stay engaged with their church. These tools include prayer requests, event management, announcements, file sharing and so much more.

It is our sincere desire that this inspiration will fill your needs as it has filled ours.

Our Team

Our team is a highly focused and spiritually driven group that will work with your church to ensure a seamless integration of our tool to maximize you,r experience.

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