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Congregation Engagement

Notes From Church is an effective solution that can help you engage and retain your congregation by utilizing the best in technology while staying true to the faith. Allow your members to continue meaningful conversation without the distraction of social networks.

Congregation Management

Our membership management tools allow you to keep in contact with your members. As you grow, rest assured that there are no restrictions on the number of members you can add.

Ministries and Groups

With our ministries and group feature, your congregation can manage all its outreach programs, allow members to join multiple ministries, share events and engage in important discussion topic.

More importantly you can share ministries and your good work on the church network so other brothers and sisters in Christ can be inspired.

Event Management

With our event management feature, you can post upcoming events and manage RSVPs. Your attendance to these activities will increase by simply sending out automated reminders to your members. You also have the ability to track responses with our two-way communication so you can better plan events.

Volunteer Engagement

Volunteers are a key part in the success of any ministry. We understand the importance of this, that is why our solution allows you to schedule, manage, remind and communicate directly with your volunteers.

Prayer Requests

Prayer requests are very important. Feel at ease knowing that a request will get noticed. All prayer requests can be categorized and managed by groups you create. Furthermore, our notification and live alerts will notify members of a new incoming prayer request, alert the member if a response has been made and more.

File Sharing

Are you still sending documents via email? Are those documents getting lost or unopened? With Notes From Church, you can upload & share any document to all members or to a particular group.

Additional notifications can be sent to notify members of a newly added document. With all documents in one place and easily searchable, members will never have to worry about lost emails.

Collections and Donations

Are you facing difficulties collecting dues on time? Or would you like a better way to collect donations periodically? Our collection and donation feature will allow each member to donate at their own time, setup recurring donations and choose how they want to donate.

Announcements & Chats

Do you need to send an announcement to the group or entire congregation? Worry no more. Our announcement tool allows you to send messages via text or push notification to all your members.

Do you like WhatsApp, Groupme or Facebook messenger? Our chat feature allows you to send instant messages to your entire congregation, group or a particular member.

A solution for every platform

Connect with your church members at the office or at home, at the airport with your tablet, or out and about with your mobile device.

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